Our programs

The Spirit of Israel runs and supports a continuum of programs which aim to reduce social gaps, advance vulnerable population sectors and strengthen the country’ social-geographic-economic periphery.

The Spirit of Israel’s activities assist at-risk children, youth and young adults who cope with numerous challenges which impair their ability to realize their basic rights of safety, protection, dignity and independence. The Spirit of Israel aims to bring about significant change in their lives, provide them with hope and a better future, and empower and assist them in integrating into society as contributing adult citizens.

The Spirit of Israel offers a continuum of programs beginning in early childhood, through high school, military service and early adulthood.

our programs


A brand new initiative in the framework of Youth Futures that promotes the well-being of young children, parents and families in Israel's social and geographical peripheries.

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Youth Futures

A unique program operating throughout Israel that provides children, teens, families and communities with tools to lead social change

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The program provides crucial support and assistance for children and youth who recently made Aliya from Ethiopia during their stay in the Absorption Centers, and prepares them for school in Israel: building foundations in Hebrew, English, and other important subjects.

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Youth Villages

Youth at-risk, aged 12-18, find a warm and welcoming home and an opportunity to create positive change in their lives in our Youth Villages. Here they have the opportunity to reduce social and educational gaps, grow and develop in a boarding school setting, through close ongoing personal accompaniment.

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Pre-Military Mechinot

A high-quality educational program that prepares youth from Israel's social and geographical peripheries physically and mentally for their army service

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Supports young Olim who immigrated to Israel on their own and joined the Israeli Defense Forces as "lone soldiers," providing emotional and financial assistance as well as guidance once they complete their army service

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The community hosts thousands of youths from different backgrounds each year. Program participants benefit from a unique educational experience that develops tolerance and mutual respect, while emphasizing values of sustainability and environmental conservation.

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Supporting Holocaust survivors

Who live in Israel's peripheries by pairing them with university students, providing them with the opportunity to forge new connections and make young friends, and ensuring they have all the assistance they require.

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One on One Mentoring Program

The program ensures that youth at risk living in Youth Villages without supportive families have an adult who cares about them and who they can turn to in any matter. Volunteer mentors have extensive life experience and provide youth with guidance and help in their daily challenges.

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Scholarship Fund

In direct continuation of our work in the Youth Villages, the One on One Mentoring Program and Pre- and Post-IDF training programs, and out of a sense of social responsibility, the Spirit of Israel partners with the Jewish Agency in the Scholarship Fund, which serves Youth Village graduates as they move on to higher education and adult life.

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